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Based on our long-term professional experience, we are specialized in the optimization of individual properties just like on entire property portfolios. Hereby, our range of consulting covers the whole life cycle of a property.

We accompany and advise our customers through all different phases their property goes through, may this be within the planning phase, the realization or to (re-) utilization or eventually the final purpose of utilization of respective property.

We analyze the current status quo, derive an action strategy based thereon it and realize it this in closest coordination with our customer.

Purchase consultation

You purchase a retail trade real estate: we know the pros and cons of the location are able to assess the sustainability and the ability of third party use - and thus confirm the permanent security of your investment.

Sales consultation

You sell a property: we can provide the know-how of the procedure and the contacts for optimum results, as well as organizing the sales procedures and accompany supporting.


Areas, rental contracts and -details are summed up to the market value of a property. Are there any areas- respective renting potentialities or possibilities of a legal optimization? We illustrate these and support you in achieving your goals and thus increase the value of your property.


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